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and their descendants

I am looking for descendants of Joseph and Catherine Stumpf who were born in Spechbach, Germany, and immigrated to St. Clements, Ontario, Canada, in 1855. They had nine children and many grandchildren. (If you are looking for a Stumpf family other than this one, click here.)

Joseph and Catherine's family consisted of:

  1. Joseph Stumpf (1855-1925) married Catherine Compass
    1. Frank Stumpf (1878) May have gone to the US.
    2. Joseph C. Stumpf (1879-1969)
    3. Mary Ann Catherine Stumpf (1882-1888)
    4. Serephine Stumpf (changed spelling to Stumph)(1885-1956)Went to Alberta.
    5. Edward Stumpf (1886-1959)
    6. Ida Stumpf (1889-1965)
    7. Elizabeth Mae Stumpf (1896-1965)

    Joseph's second wife was Mary Ann Runstedler. They had no children.

  2. Mary Catherine Stumpf (1857-1910) married Lambert Ruth. They had no children.

  3. George Henry Stumpf (1859- ) married Mary Rau.
    1. John Stumpf (1886- )
    2. Leo ("Shorty") Stumpf (1890- )
    3. Alexander Stumpf (1888-1961)

  4. Michael Francis (may have been baptized George Michael) Stumpf (1861-1913) married Rose Foster
    1. Herbert James Stumpf (1889-1948)
    2. Cornelius Stumpf (1891-1968)
    3. Maurice Stumpf (1892-1963)
    4. Victor Joseph Stumpf (1894-1980)
    5. Arnold Stumpf (1895-1913)


      The heartfelt sympathy of the entire community goes out to Mrs. M. Stumpf on account of the death of her son, Arnold, which took place on Thursday mornng, April 9th. The deceased who was in his twentieth year was a victim of Brights disease and was a great sufferer for the last two weeks, and all that medical skill and tender nursing could do was of no avail, death calling him to his reward on the above date. He leaves to mourn his early demise his widowed mother, his father being fatally injured seven months ago by the falling of a scaffold in the new R. C. Church here, (and) eight brothers and three sisters. The funeral took place on Saturday at 2 p.m. to the Sacred Heart church and cemetery followed by a huge concourse of sympathizing friends.

      Mr. Joseph Stumpf and Mrs. John Lobsinger of St. Clements were here attending the funeral of their nephew, Arnold Stumpf.

      source: Bruce Herald and Times, Walkerton (Ontario), April 16, 1914

    6. Michael Stumpf (1897- )
    7. Charles Albert Stumpf
    8. Clara May Stumpf (1903-1968)
    9. Clarence Joseph Peter ("Jigs") Stumpf (1904- )
    10. Isabel Margaret Stumpf (1906- )
    11. Albert Leonard ("Jim") Stumpf (1908- )
    12. Rose Elvera Stumpf (1901- )


    It is our sad duty this week to chronicle the death of Mr. Michael Stumpf, one of the three men who were injured by the scaffold in the interior of the new R.C. Church collapsing on Monday, August 25th. He became unconscious shortly after the accident and remained in that state until his death which came on Sunday evening about eight o'clock. Some bones were broken in his head, injuring the brain and all that medical skill could do was of no avail. The deceased, who was about fifty-one years of age, leaves to mourn a grief-stricken widow and a family of twelve children, the youngest being only three years of age, also some brothers and sisters living in Berlin and St. Clements who have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their sore trial. Funeral took place on Wednesday morning to the Sacred Heart Church and cemetery. The injuries the other men received were not serious and they were able to be at work in a few days.

    source: Bruce Herald and Times, Walkerton, Sept. 4, 1913

  5. Caroline Josephine Stumpf (1863-1933) married John Guitar
    1. Henry Guitar (1884-1952)
    2. Alma Guitar (1887-1968)
    3. Annie May Guitar (died young) 1892-1895)
    4. Lambert Guitar (1893- )
    5. Cletus ("Joe") Guitar (1896- )
    6. Mervin Guitar (1898-1918)
    7. Caroline ("Carrie") Guitar (1898-1933)
    8. Serephine Guitar
    9. Josephine Guitar

  6. John George Stumpf (1864-1945) married Amelia Waters
    1. Winifred Oscar Stumpf (1887-1951)
    2. Clayton Stumpf (1890-1969)
    3. Kathleen Stumpf (1897- )

    John George Stumpf's second wife was Mathilda Klaus.

    1. Herbert Stumpf (1864-1945)
    2. Claude Stumpf ( -1960)
    3. Jerome Stumpf
    4. Virginia ("Dolly") Stumpf (1914-1991)

  7. Peter Edward Stumpf (1868-1934) married Amanda Yost
    1. Emerson Edward Stumpf (1894-1984)
      1. Edward Emerson Stumpf
      2. Robert Vincent Stumpf
    2. Wilfred Leonard (no children) (1896-1967)
    3. Arverto Lambert Stumpf (1897-1987)
      1. Sheila Stumpf
    4. Oscar William Stumpf (died young)(1901-1902)
    5. Walter Wellington Stumpf (1904-1982)
      1. Dorothy Joan Stumpf
      2. Beverly Ann Stumpf


    Many Representing Public Bodies Attend Funeral Service of Peter F. Stumpf

    Final tribute was paid on Tuesday morning to the memory of a well-known Elmira citizen and the first mayor since Elmira's incorporation as a town in the person of Peter F. Stumpf. The funeral service, which was conducted by Rev. Father Arnold, was held from Dreisinger's Funeral Home at 9:15 in the morning to St. Theresa's church. Interment was made in St. Theresa's Cemetery.

    Attending the funeral were the members of the Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the School Board, and the Hydro Commission. The honorary pall-bearers were the mayor, Reeve and Councillors of the Town of Elmira. On all public bodies of the town, the late Mr. Stumpf rendered long and valuable service to the town. The active pall-bearers were: Henry Weichel, Henry Brunck, Bert Howlett, Menno Miller, Albert Ainsworth, William Shoemaker. Among the beautiful floral wreaths sent were those from the Family, the Elmira High School, the Public Library Board, the Chamber of Commerce, the Town Council, the Public Utilities, the Link Belt Ltd. (Toronto), and his associates of the Link Belt Co., Elmira, Merchants, Rubber Conmpany executives and office staff, Oscar and Nettie Wahl and Mrs. Emma Jury, the Yost family, Mr. and Mrs. H. Brunck and family, and Mr and Mrs. A. Meyer, Mr and Mrs. C. N. Good and family, and from Good, Cressman and Steiner families, Kitchener.

    Mr. Stumpf's death occurred at St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener, last Friday. He was born at St. Clements more than 65 years ago, moving to Elmira when a young man. He became president of the Elmira Machine and Transmission company and held this postion until it was sold out to the Link Belt Company about ten years ago. He was particularly active in municipal affairs. After serving on the Council for a number of years, he became Reeve and held this position for about ten years. He was also an ex-warden of Waterloo County. He became mayor in the year Elmira was incorporated as a town. He served faithfully on the High School Board, the Library Board, the Chamber of Commerce, and also took an interest in the local band. He played in the band for many years. He was choir leader of the St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church for a time. In a splended exhortation on the life of Mr. Stumpf at the funeral service, Rev. Father Arnold stated that it is doubtful if there was anyone who did more for the upbuilding of the Town of Elmira than the late Mr. Stumpf.

    Surviving are his wife, four sons, Emerson E., Fontana, Cal., Leonard W., Los Angeles, Cal., Arverdo (sic) L., Kitchener, and Walter W., Saskatoon, Sask. One brother, J. W., of Kitchener and one sister, Mrs. J. Lobsinger of St. Clements, also survive.

    Source: Elmira newspaper

  8. Seraphin Stumpf (1870-1884)(Died young.)

  9. Catherine Elizabeth Stumpf (1872-1953) married Louis Lobsinger
    1. Anna Mae Lobsinger (1896-1963)
    2. Lambert Wilfred Lobsinger (1899- )
    3. Oscar Lobsinger
    4. Loretta Lobsinger
    5. Edward Anthony Lobsinger (1908-1987)
    6. Henry Lobsinger
    7. Irene Lobsinger (1916- )
    8. Anthony Lobsinger
    9. Lewis Lobsinger

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