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Sponsor: John Serigny

Co-Sponsors: Corey Callais & Tommy Rodrigue & Janelle O'Quin, Roy Autin

The Outdoor Club was created to introduce students to Outdoor sports such as Duck Hunting, Deer Hunting, and Fishing. Safety will be the main focus of this club.

Congratulations Mr. Serigny

Mr. Serigny was presented with the "Most Valuable Volunteer Instructor on Hunter Education" Award. This award is from the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries.

Responsible hunting provides unique challenges and rewards. However, the future of the sport depends on each hunter's behavior and ethics. Therefore, as a hunter, I pledge to:

  • Respect the environment and wildlife.
  • Respect property and landowners.
  • Show consideration for non-hunters.
  • Hunt safely.
  • Know and obey the law.
  • Support wildlife and habitat conservation.
  • Pass on an ethical hunting tradition.
  • Strive to improve my outdoor skills and understanding of wildlife.
  • Hunt only with ethical hunters.

By following these principles of conduct each time I go afield, I will give my best to the sport, the public, the environment and myself. The responsibility to hunt ethically is mine; the future of hunting depends on me.

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