Hello!!! Hola!!! My name is Monica, I was born in Mexico City, I collect bears but my favorite has always been POOH. I love computers, making web pages, playing online games like BlackJack and Backgammon, but mostly I love chatting in Mirc where I'm better known on IRC Dalnet as BOOMY. I been using that chat program since 1996 and thanks to it, I now have very good friends I've met from all over the world. I will always thank them for teaching me most of what I know about Mirc, to their patience and care.

This site will be your connection to *FREE*, *FUN*, INTERESTING Links in Cyberspace. If you are a Pooh lover, visit my page of Pooh's World and see over 120 pictures of all his gang, ready for you to download. Before you start your journey to great sites in Cyberspace, please take a minute to explore this site, it may help you plan your trip. Don't forget to bookmark us, we would love to see you back. Enjoy!!!

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If you are wondering who in the world is the POOH lover and responsible for this site...well just click on Pooh and find out!!.


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