Kyal, Hile, and Welcome all!
I am Wing'd Azrielen, and I would love to welcome you to New Beginnings - the best home on the web for lost animals, people, and mythical creatures!

This page is devoted to making sure that all the homeless denizens on the web comunity find loving homes, many of them right here in our own mountain. That's right...mountain. The New Beginnings Shelter was built very recently into the side as colosal Mt. Kilesh on the little-known island of Avalon. Legend has it the one of Aurthor's knights broght the Holy Grail to our island for safe-keeping with the monks who once lived here, and that all who journey here now are given an inner peace and understanding by the aura the Grail left behind. It is made up of a labrynth of ajoining caverns, some monstrous in size. There are underground rivers and lakes throughout. It is an ideal home for all our adoptees here, giving a home to all sorts of climates and temperatures as needed by some of our special guests!

Safe? Of course it's safe. The cave may be big, but nothing will give the slightest bit of danger in this mountain, unless you're scared of cute critters! The caves were dug out and the rock removed by the most skilled DragANs and Elves even to wield a vorpal sword! The labor included ogres mostly, and some larger pack animals, like tamed Runners and Jabberwockies. Dragons helped shuttle the workers quickly. It was all done in lest than a millenia! Absolutely amazing, you will love it here!

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