2nd Platoon Outlaws

This website was designed to show friends and family what Marine tankers from Bravo, 1st Tanks are all about. To all current and former Marine tankers out there, please sign and view the guestbook as there are a lot of former Marine tankers out there trying to contact each other. Sgt Duvall, Maye, Ortiz, Zapata, Koonce, etc...Where are ya'll at? Leave email addresses. Semper Fidelis! Special thanks to Mr. Vic Vilionis who created the platoon graphic! God bless the Marine Tanker Warriors that may spearhead coalition forces in battle.

1st Tank Battalion

The 1st Tank Battalion Seal

Bravo Company

Bravo Company 1st Tank Battalion Sketch created by a former B Co tanker Cpl Knapp.

2nd Platoon tank with mine plow

An Outlaw tank on the move.

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