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Whether you are just starting out as a Marine fiancee or you are a veteran wife the most powerful tool that you will need as the family and spouse of a Marine is information! The network of resources, support and information that you acquire will be the backbone of your survival as the years go on and the deployments come and go. A marine family is expected to do exactly as their Marine does.....adapt and overcome. Unlike a civilian family your spouse will not always be able to come home to help with some minor emergency and that is why we must have the resources and information to do these things ourselves! Many families have found that the best thing they can do to adjust to military life and to help our their Marine is to learn as much as they can about the life, the lingo, and the people! On this resource page you will find the information and advice from families and official sources that you will need to make the adjustment to military life or to help you through a new stage of your military career!

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