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Odontologist graduadet at the University of Amazonas; Second Lieutenant of the Brazilian Army, served at the Headquarters of the Military Command of Amazonia and General Hospital of Amazônia. Paranormal, medium or sentient, he displays his spirituality through art, exhibiting publicaly the presence of the Great Masters of Arts.

His mediunity started to be developed counsciously since an accident that occured to his daughter in 1984. Since until 1987 there was a preparation through studies and practice of Kardecism as well as general knowledge of spirituality, ending up in the opening the psychopictorigraphy as his main mediunic charachteristic. Since then he didn't have any experience with arts, not even artistics abilities for drawing or painting. As any medium of high potential he faced a lot of incomprehensibility, persecution until he could completely harmonize with the spiritual entities that follow him.

Mediunic Art

Mediunity or sixth sense is an ability present in the human beings and, when developed, it makes possible the communication with other dimensions, where life continues. When lapidated with love and wisdon, it dignifies the divine power we all have. Being the spirit energy, it manifests itself through electromagnetical field that occupies many dimensions at the same time. Then with the resources of technology and telecomunication it is possible to record sounds and images proving life after death. This way, those who have a sharper sensorial perception serve through the cerebral waves as channels for the manifestation among us of those who have already lived on the Earth, as well as extraterrestrial beings. By uniting thoughts and feelings those persons work like receptacle and irradiators of dimensional or cosmical energy. The Mediunic Art is one of the ways for the spirits who dedicate themselves to the artistic expression to manifest.Those spirits live in the art dimension, they were reincarnated many times among us and with the experience they have had they continue their work benefitting humanity. They dedicate themselves deeply to the essence of the soul and express themselves through mediunity using messages, paintings, sculptures, drawings, poetry, etc.
Through the medium Germano, many artists that immortalized their works that are part of the cultural patrimony of humanity expressed themselves such as: Pablo Picasso, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Miró, Cândido Portinari, Henri De Toulouse Lautrec, Henri Matisse, Tarsíla do Amaral, Rembrandt, Auguste Rodin, Victor Brecheret, Fernando Pessoa, John Lennon among many others. In few seconds or minutes, it is possible to materialize a drawing or a painting that has characteristics of each of the authors mentioned above. In a bit more than half an hour several artists take turns each of them signing their works, what would be impossible to an artist, if it weren't in a mediunic manifestation. During the predicament the hands and the fingers of the medium are used like a palette knives and brushes. If the originality of the masters and the impression of Art for Art aren't enough there is also the spiritual energetic therapeutics that makes possible to the audience a new conscience and life. So taking part in those live presentations listening to songs that harmonize us, is rare opportunity for those who search for their divine identity.

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