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This is me!

This is me and my older sister, Lizz

Oooooo!!! We advance to a close up color shot!

Now, you may be wondering who this kooky girl may be. Well, Let me tell you....
I have lived in sunny California for all 17 years of my life.
I have a great family with one older sister, Lizz

Ever since I stopped working at Baskin Robbins in October, I have been jumping from job to job. What I would REALLY like to do is work with Pre-School aged children. If anyone out there knows of any openings, HOOK ME UP!!!

Beware of feirce felines here!!
No...I didn't put the lion up for no reason..... it is my band's mascot.... well, it WAS our mascot.(Based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe series by C.S Lewis) You see, we don't play anymore...and I am kinda sad about it. BUT!! you are in luck...we still have CDs!! Yeah. we have two of them, but soon to be three.... If you are interested, you can email me at You can even see a sample of our first album by visiting my diocese's Web page. Either way you look at it... Aslan STILL rawks......

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