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You've entered ChemDoc's home page, where you can practice and learn from real college chemistry quizzes and exams posted each month on the World Wide Web. Read the introduction for a guide to this page, and the ChemDoc Bio if you want to know more about me. During June and July 1997, I will be teaching CHEM 151 at Miramar College. Students in this course may visit here for the syllabus, homework assignments, help pages, and answers to quizzes.

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This page started out last month with two of my 10-minute quizzes from Spring Semester 1994 at Miramar College. Now try your skills at naming chemical compounds in Quiz 3 (added 11/23/96). Have fun!
Quiz 1 (Balancing Equations)
Quiz 2 (Atomic Structure)
Quiz 3 (Chemical Nomenclature)
Quiz 4 Coming soon to CHEMDOC Online
Try out ChemDoc's Favorite WWW Links. If you need fast chemistry help, or want to say hello, or have any comments or questions about this web site, drop me a line at work. When you're done with the quizzes, stop by to see my company's home page. It's cool.
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