Internationally Available: all of a kind, one at a time (not to be misinterpreted)

The Full Moon Club is designated for silly people. Members meet at every full moon, and partake of various activities such as howling, being silly, and eating vast quantities of Haagen Dazs Midnight Cookies and Cream ice cream. At each meeting, a sentence of the month and a word of the month will be designated. The Club was founded on October 26, 1996, and has met on every full moon since. Go to moon

After reading this silly page, you are probably wondering how this club started. It all dates back to a Parent's Weekend back in October, which coincidentally coincided with a full moon. The three founding members Susel, Michelle, and Urska, were parentless, and thus comiserating in the very empty cafeteria, while everyone else was enjoying good food. So they decided to go and eat a Vermonster at midnight with Susel's unit. In the six hour interlude, they talked in Susel's room, eagerly awaiting the Vermonster. However, at midnight, the unit was nowhere to be found, so they took matters in their own hands, and using their credit each bought a pint of Haagen-Dazs Midnight Cookies and Cream. Needless to say, this created a very big sugar high, which was only enhanced when Susel's unit came into the snack bar, just having finished eating a Vermonster. Thus The Full Moon Club was born, and it lives on to this day.


For those of you wondering, if any, we did have a January meeting. And we are set to have a February meeting as well. I take that back. It was a February meeting, and the March meeting is next week. Suprisingly, several members turned up, those being: Milk, Bread, Eggs, and Bacon. We even had a visit from our ex-member Maja. Since it a month has passed since the meeting, I no longer remember what we did. Well, it's not that hard to remember. We ate some rather soft Cookies and Cream icecream, and laughed a lot, and end with a lwoh, since the moon most definately was not visible. I have slowly given up on ever eating Midnight Cookies and Cream icecream. Does anyone even know if they still make it? In any case, check back in a weeks time, to find the latest update, and hopefully, one of the other members will jog my memory as to what the sentence and word of the month were.