Some of you may have noticed that their used to be a page here called False Sense of Security. That page has been removed for a number of reasons. The main reason is that after being involved with "punk" for about 6 years or so I have grown to loathe it. I do not consider myself a punk, and I see punk as a threat. Since I was pretty young I have had radical ideas about the government, economy, and authority in general. I had these ideas before I had any real idea of what "punk" was. When I first came into contact with punk through bands like Dead Kennedies and Corrosion of Conformity I was extrememly impressed by the ideas they put out in their lyrics and artwork. I quickly submerged myself in the "punk" culture. I began spiking my hair, wearing anarchy symbols and I even developed a negative attitude. I don't blame this on punk, but I do believe that without the negative influence of punk I would have been alot happier for much of my developing years. I put this page here to bring togeather alot of positive ideas that may be of interest to those involved in the "punk" scene without the negative imagry and ideas that are often affiliated with "punk".