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Come back often for updated materials.

Let's go searching on the WWW with YAHOO!! Alta Vista    Google

Listen to mp3 files with WinAmp (the BEST) ; or download from MP3 (alright)
Download mp3 at AudioGalaxy (suggested by Ti) : or try Kazaa (pretty good) : good old Napster (no more)
Visit DivX Home Page to learn to rip DVD's
Free fonts from FontFace
From FilmCritic, all Movie Reviews listed by titles (huge site; slow download time)
Have great fun at SD Comic Con every summer!
Check out updates and news about the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
Have a cool juice drink at Jamba Juice this summer (yummie)
Order some mint uncirculated coins from US Quarters : Cool stuff
Electronics Publishers Franklin : Rolodex RF-384
M/C from First USA ; and Discover Card
Order checks online from Deluxe Web site.
Check out Sharp Organizer YO-180P at My Wizard
Check the weather from The Weather Channel if Yahoo doesn't work
Or at AccuWeather Web site.
Check accurate time for clocks and computers from the Official U.S. Time Web site.
Send in jpg images and get back converted ASCII images from TextImage Web site.

Check out ALL colleges and universities
UCSD Alumni Association
Testing services : from CollegeBoard; AP Central; and ETS (Education Testing Services)
Who's Who Among America's Teachers ; nominated 2002.
Check out what's happening in Redlands, CA [including schools]
Check out San Diego County Office of Education
Go to SD Science Alliance for latest info
Physics Clip Art
The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Check EMail from ; CHS email account. (from City Schools)
See San Diego City Schools page ; and SCTA Web Page
From SignOnSanDiego; a list of ALL schools in San Diego
Get some flowers at Rainbow Nursery.  I-15 North at Rainbow.

Bicycling at the Redlands Bicycle Classic
Help with vcd at ; including DVD ripping ;
Shop at Rogers Garden in Irvine
Cool wagon from Web page
Let's eat and have fun at the Del Mar Fair June 12 through July 5, 2009.
More food at the 82nd annual LA County Fair at Fairplex in Pomona from  September 5 - 28, 2008.
Check out the Pomona Home and Garden Shows : check Fairplex Web site for updates and schedule.
San Diego 23rd Annual Spring Home and Garden Show : February 29 - March 2, 2008 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and the 19th Annual Fall Home and Garden Show : Sept 12-14, 2008.
Cooking outdoor ( with cool grill from Costco
Cool Mini Stereo component from Aiwa ; at Target $299 Model XM-S350
Good DVD player at Fry's MS-321 from Samsung (
Digital things from Harman/Kardon

Lyrics for Styx ; The Saga-World for SAGA.

Games and downloads etc. from File Planet
From Game Revolution Cheats, Hints, and Codes, and from Cheat Planet too.  And at
From Tucows, download games and stuff
Awesome games : Quake (all three) ; and Unreal (original; expansion pack; tournament; and Unreal Strategy Guide from Gamespot)
Download page for Half-Life : demos and patches
PC game Star Trek Voyager : Elite Force from Activision : Help from Elite Force Support page from Raven Software for downloads
Jane's Combat Simulator (Electronic Arts) AH-64D Longbow
PC game SHEEP.  Save Our Sheep! Website (

Cancer Research with UD Agent

Electronic Pest Control from Weitech
Pest control electronic devices from Victor Pest
Attracts mosquitos with Mosquito Magnet using propane

From San Bruno
The San Bruno Beacon : pretty cool
List of newspapers in California
The San Francisco Examiner : good

Have fun with good old Rubik's Cube
Interactive Learning Network
Teacher Source from PBS
Quiz from College Prep Quiz
The Grey Labyrinth with puzzles and games
Get philosophical at Philosophy Games
The best FREE multiplayer gaming at Playsite
Lots of puzzles and games at the Puzzle Factory
Free games at games.Yahoo
Learn about how things work at How Stuff Works website

Cabrillo National Monument
From SDSU (Cabrillo National Park)
California Guide: Cabrillo
Californial's National Park Units
West Coast Lighthouse

the State of Michigan
Fill up your gas tank at Speedway - Michigan, Illinois
Visit Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans
Let's shop at Meijer : everything
Make your own Bear at Great Lakes Teddy Bear Factory in Mac City
Cross the Mackinac Bridge first.
Get some books on Mackinac Island at the bookstore : Sleeping Bear Dune
Let's eat lunch, dinner at Cracker Barrel : dinner in TN
Got digital tape at Kmart in Lansing
Shop for everything at WalMart too
Shop for clothes and gifts at Student Bookstore; and at the College Store
Don't forget Target stores

SUMMER VACATION/TRIP at Solvang, CA  July 2002
Let's eat at Solvang Restaurant and at Pea Soup Anderson's in Buelton, CA.  Yummy!
Fill up your ga

July at Grand Canyon National Park.  Great place to visit!
Stop by the Hoover Dam.  It is gigantic!
Watch the water show at Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
Can stay at Orleans Hotel and Casino in Vegas.  Pretty cool rooms.
Get some candy at M & M store in Vegas.

July at Grand Canyon National Park.  Great place to visit!
Stop by the Hoover Dam.  It


LA Computer Fair at Pomona
MarketPro Computer Show

From Lisa, Classic, Color Classic, PowerPC, to iMacs; it's Apple Computers and iPods.
From DOS days to Microsoft Win 3.1, Win 3.11, Win 9x/Me, Win NT/2000Pro/XP Pro; and Xbox 360.
Create a WinXP Live CD from PCQuest website.  Will need BartPE builder installed to create ISO image to burn to CD.
Really good browsers from Netscape Communicator
Check other versions and older versions from SillyDog Web site.
Advanced Micro Devices CPU (AMD)
Good Intel CPU

Download files to boot any OS from BootDisk Web site.
Download some Themes for Windows 98SE
Magazines : SmartComputing in Plain English (formerly PC Novice)
Reviews etc (mainly business) at PC World

Need help with computers?  Check out web site.
Download free ZoneAlarm firewall software from Zone Labs
Check out your system and have it NanoProbed! by Shields Up! at Gibson Research Corporation
Download free Belarc Advisor for detailed profile of your PC
From Webshots! ; free screens and calender for your PC desktup
Check out Reviews : Tom's Hardware Guide : Motheboard Guide
Test your high speed bandwidth at BandWidthPlace
Motherboards [MotherBoard HomeWorld] Information Web Page
BIOS Information [System Optimization & Performance Guide] Web Page
Find out info on electronics equipments using products' FCC ID number
Everything about computers from Computer Geeks Discount Outlet
Learn more about scanning from Scanning Basics 101 by Wayne Fulton
Nice little software (DVD2One) to encode just DVD movie files : check for latest versions.
Windows and Computers Annoyances
Check out new MP3 stuff from AnythingButiPod website : no iPod info and/or things.
Watch old TV shows on in2TV from AOL.  (must have ActiveX!)

TYAN Mainboards (Lan : Model Trinity S1590 with K6 3/400) and (donated mobo K6 2/450)
EPOX Mainboards (CHS : Model = EP-58MVP3C-M with K6 2/350)[back up] + (CHS : Model = G5 ATX color case K6 3/400) + (Be : Model =G5 )
Micro Star (MSI) Motherboards and video cards (my : Model MSI KT333 Ultra URA; MSI GeForce3 128mb DDR TD-128; MSI GeForce4 64mb DDR mx-440); CHS mobo MSI KT6VLSR
ASUSTek (ASUS) Motherboards and video cards; current my ATX (Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo)
Boards from AZZA ; donated mobo K6 2/300 Model : 5VMD = VIA MVP3 AT m/b
First International Corp FIC Mainboards
HOT Shuttle PC's; Van's Ice Cube IC - VL67 mobo.

Laptops from Laptops USA: Prostar Ti (P-233) and Mine (P3-600)

Resources and other stuff at WinStuff
EasterEgg Archives and other Eeggs

Everything LINUX :
Linux Hardware Database
Redhat Linux
Disto from Mandrake : Mandrake Linux
Bootable CD image to burn to one CD from Knoppix Linux
Linux on a Macintosh : Yellow Dog Linux
Good distro Ubuntu : install and live CD

Latest Windows drivers or at

Order cool electronic things from ThinkGeek web site
Diamond Multimedia : does not exist anymore; now RioVolt
Matrox Corp
ATI Graphics
Keyboard iTouch and MouseWare software from Logitech
Iomega Home Page
ahead software Nero BurningROM; the best CD-RW burning software!
CD/DVD labeling system from CD Stomper Pro with Kit
Labels for computer things and others from Avery Office Products Web site
Get pictures and CD covers for music CD, DVD, and others at CDcovers
Sound Blaster sound cards from  Creative Lab ; and Video Blaster MovieMaker; Zen Muvo N200 red, Zen MircroPhoto 8gb orange, Zen Vision M:30gb green; ZVM 30gb black; ZVM 60gb black.
Drivers for video cards from nVidia : Detonator for Nvidia cards (Diamond/3D Blaster) and (GeForce 2; GeForce 3; GeForce 4; GeForce FX 5200; FX 6200 LE)
Wild File GoBack v2.1 from Roxio
OmniPage Pro 8.0 and OmnoPage Pro 10 Deluxe (with OmniWeb ver 1) Scanning software from Caere
Symantec Worldwide Homepage (Norton Utilities for Windows and Mac) ; check up on latest viruses
Hauppauge ComputerWorks (WinTV PCI card)
Audiograbber (CD ripper)
Winability (Windows Utilities and Security Software)
Try Drive Image software Drive Snapshot from Germany.
Partition Magic [have ver 5 and ver 7 full and working and ver 8 full and working],
              Drive Image 2002 (ver 6)[full and working], ver 7 (full and working), and Drive Copy from PowerQuest Inc.
V-Communications (add more OS to computer : System Commander Plus and System Commander 2000)
Executive Software International : Diskeeper ver 6.0 and ver 7.0; Update to version 7.0
Virtual Drive 6 from Farstone Technology Inc
Graphics Viewer IrfanView
DVD Copy 3.8 from 321Studios.  Good program to rip DVD movies to VCD format.
Express Soft Thumbnail Creator 1.41 from ExpressSoft
UltraDMA/66 and UDMA/100 and UDMA/133 PCI Controller Card from Promise Technologies
3D Home Design Suite Deluxe 3.0 from Broderbund
Image Viewers from Coffee Cup site
Check out weekly prices at Computer Depot
Check out memory for Compact Flash and others at The Chip Merchant
Prices at MicroTron2000 in Clairemont area
Read weekly magazine ComputorEdge (misspelled)
My 17" Monitor from SONY and Playstation 2; new stereo system STR-DE875; 6 piece speaker system SA-VE325 from Best Buy; NetMD player.
and floppy drive in IceCube PC; and Combo drive DVD/CD-RW in IceCube PC.
Super Mario Bros and others on Nintendo DS Lite.
Speaker Cables from Monster Cables
Sticker labels from Avery
VirusScan from McAfee
Check BlasterWorm and other virus updates from Symantec Web site.
Download cool desktop pictures from Webshots
Routers and hubs from D-Link ; and NIC DFE-530TX+; and USB wireless adapter 11b (DWL-211) discontinued!
Download drivers for Wireless LAN USB Adapter from Zonet Web site used in CHS PC.
New PCI US Robotics V92/V90 modem for IceCube PC from Fry's.
Networking devices from Linksys : for hubs and routers for DSL connection and good KVM boxes
Routers and other network stuff from Netgear: AP and WR614v6.
Pretty good KVM box from Iogear (with all cables)
Software (WinPoet) to use DSL connection
Video editing software from Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2.0, 3.0; VideoStudio 6.0/7.0, 8.0: came with Creative Movie Maker
Instant DVD and VCD from ADS Technology seen at Pomona computer shows
Computer peripherals (auto power for laptops) from Targus Web site and (mouse) from Kensington Web site.
New exciting MP3 players from iRiver International and iRiver America Web sites.
PowerDVD software (version 3.0/XP 4.0/5.0) from CyberLink [$4 at Pomona Computer Show]
PCMCIA card for laptop from Network Everywhere
Talk from computer to computer and/or to cell phones and land lines using Skype software.
Get mp3, video, any files from a Win XP machine over the Net to other PC's using Orb network.
Download old and free software from website.  Such as Turbo Navigator.
Cool mp3 player, GPS, video player, fm radio, and others from Cowon.  (Q5W 60gb)

Western Digital Corp WD
Maxtor Corp Maxtor
Drives from Seagate Technology

CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD/Digital Camera/Scanner/Printers/MP3-CD player
Hewlett Packard EXTRA (HP CD-RW Plus 8110i) and LaserJet 4100n in CHS classroom;
laptop [ze5375us]; and PSC 2410xi P/C/S/F from Costco
Nice and fast but loud from Yamaha : (16x10x40) Model CR2100E-NB (extra)
Fast CD-RW from Plextor : (24x10x40 : in my EPOX AMD K6-3 400) (gone)
Great and fast and cheap CD-RW from LiteOn Inc : (32x12x40 in Be's EPOX AMD K6-3 450: and 52x12x52 in my extra ECS Athlon XP 1900+.
                                                                    (16x/40x DVD in my ASUS Athlon XP 2400+ ) and combo [extra]
Fast CD-ROM from Creative Labs (12x/40x DVD/CD in Be's EPOX AMD K6-3 450: 16x/40x DVD/CD extra in external case;
                                                               52x CD in CHS TYAN AMD K6-2 450 and CHS EPOX AMD K6-2 350; both donated)
        MP3 players : MUVO N200 1 gb (red) ; ZEN MircroPhoto 8gb (orange) ; ZEN Vision:M 30 gb (green)

Acer (8x CD : in Van's P-200MMX and CHS 486 AMD 120) [donated]
Toshiba (32x CD drive as extra : and 32x in TYAN AMD K6-2 300 (donated) ; and 40x in Lan's TYAN AMD K6-3 400)
Panasonic {in extra list : 24x CD drive was in Be P100 : gave to Vieng in May 2002}
Pioneer   (DVD burner) ; 10x/32x DVD/CD in Be's EPOX AMD K6-3 450 (donated) ; in Lan's TYAN AMD K6-3 400 (donated)
16x/40x DVD/CD in my EPOX AMD K6-3 400; (donated))
Read up on CD/CD-RW/DVD's at
Kodak  (digital camera DC-240)
Printer from Epson R200 (with continuous refill system) and extra C60.
Printers from Lexmark Z-42 (gone)
Printers from Canon : (extra BJC-1000 ; Ti  BJC-250)
Refill kits for printers from Klassic Specialties at Pomona Computer Show
Scanner UMAX Astra 2200 (gone)
From CD Stomper, cool system to make CD/DVD labels
From Avery, pretty good CD labeling system/software
RioVolt mp3/CD player (Model PSX100) from SonicBlue
Be's Mp3 Player I-Jam from Datel
FM transmitter from Cendyne.  Cool!  Plugs in headphone jack and broadcast on FM radio.
CHS refridgerator from Sanyo (Model SR-2570W) and Samsung microwave (Model MW830WA)

The Sci-Fi Channel : The Dominion
Home and Garden Television : HGTV
The Food Network's CyberKitchen
QVC HomePage
Disney Channel
Comedy Central
The Travel Channel
Discover Your World on the Discovery Channel
The Learning Channel
Order DVD series from A&E Channel at
Check out Star Trek stuff

Home Improvements NOW!!!
Michael Holigan (TV show on Discover Channel)
The Ultimate Home Site from Bob Villa
Today's Homeowners Website
Home Time (TV show)
Better Homes & Gardens (BH&G) Home Page
Do It Yourself Home Repair, Improvement, and Remodeling
Home Depot Warehouses
Crafts Store Joanne's at
Clean with Orange clean and Oxi clean

RADIO Stations and Music
More Stimulating Talk Radio on AM 640 KFI in Los Angeles : Leo Laporte the Guy at or the Twit network: the John and Ken Show
Watch old episodes of Call For Help with Leo, Amber, and David.  Download from this website.  A tech show from Canada.
News and talk on AM 1070 KNX in Los Angeles : visit Jeff Levy Home Page for latest show news.
News and talk on NewsRadio AM 600 KOGO in San Diego
TV news and Radio AM 760 KFMB  in San Diego
World's Classic Rock on FM 101.5 KGB in San Diego
News Radio on AM 870 KRLA in Los Angeles
Rock and Roll with KNAC (Internet radio)
Find radio stations and call letters for stations at  Type in call letters to find frequencies or type in cities to find radio stations.

OLYMPICS GAMES (Summer and Winter)
Official Site of 2000 Sydney Olympics
Get tickets to Winter Olympics 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah (19th winter games)
Torch Relay through San Diego, CA  January 14, 2002 at Embarcadero/Seaport Village

2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece

2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy (20th winter games)

Just North East West South [NEWS]
Cable News Network [CNN] Interactive
network ABCNews
The Factor on FOX News Network; and Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor
NBC 7: Ch 39 in San Diego
CH 8 KFMB (CBS in San Diego)
ABC in San Diego KGTV Ch 10

CH 51 KUSI TV for PPR (Prep Pigskin Report) [San Diego]
Learn from NASA about Space Shuttle, Space News, Space Station

Cellular Phones
Cell phones : Nokia phones 5190 and 3390
Pacific Bell Website (PacBell Wireless) or Xcingular
GTE Servies
New phones from T-Mobile : Ti and Be and Van
Cool new phone from
Cell phones; electronics things from
Plans from AT&
Phones and Plans for Spint PCS Website
Phones and Plans for Verizon Wireless
Check out cool phones/PDA: Blackberry from RIM.

Cars and trucks from Toyota ; my truck 1994 pickup and 2005 Tacoma
Order cars from New Cars Inc through credit union
Cars from Volkswagon ;

See you on the NET!!!

Updated : July8, 2008

Created on November 10, 1996! LTH + JAM + TEP