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F O R E !!!

Homepage of Lori & Nitz Obsina

- born and raised
in the City of Golden Friendship!!!
Cagayan de Oro City
Misamis Oriental
Island of Mindanao
Southern Philippines


from the City of Maskara!!!
Bacolod City
Negros Occidental
Island of Negros
Western Visayas
(islands located in middle of the Philippines)

Welcome to our Home Page.

We're so glad you paid us a visit.
We hope you will enjoy viewing our pictures
(just click on the "links").

  1. Philippines 2000
  2. rotc training
  3. family picture
  4. nitz with president erap
  5. nitz with sen. gringo
  6. new millennium celebration
  7. nitz on jetski
  8. nitz graduation
  9. current employer
  10. Daughter Ren-Ren

    New sites !!!

  11. Daughter Kat-Kat
  12. The Maternal Link - Argayoso Family Tree
  13. The Maternal Link - Chacon Family Tree
  14. The Paternal Link - Padla Family Tree
  15. The Pebble Beach Connection - Tiongson Family

  16. Nephew Xavier Fuentebella Obsina
  17. family tree links
  18. Kagay-anon Batch 72 Home Page
  19. guestbook
  20. addressbook

We hope you will visit us again soon!
Thank you very much! Our best regards,

lori, nitz, ren-ren, kat-kat, tin-tin

1997 varpack@info.com.ph


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