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Life in United States

  My Life In USA

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Actually this is the general section that talks about my life in the United States. Mostly picture of my everyday life can be found at this section





          Hi friends, Thanks for visiting my website. Although this isn't a very good site, but... Oh come on !! I am humble. Give me some support. Ok, enough crap here. Few days ago I realized that there are people coming to this website using some link from the list of high schools from Malaysia. Sorry about that. I used to be the webmaster for my high school website "SMK Dato' Penggawa Barat" but since I left there few years ago, I really don't know what happened to it. Since you are here by accident. I welcome you to my site. I also received some feedback from my friends regarding lacking of place to give comments. So I have created a guest book for you all. Feel free to add some comment to it. Actually I created this website to dump all my picture here in order for my friends and family to see. . I believes that picture is worth that a thousand words. So I would like to provide more information for those who are coming to US. 

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Disney Trip

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This section will be all about my trip to Disney World at Florida. I drove about 8 hours there during my winter break. I have fun there and looking forward to go there again.

Disney 2
My Car

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Obviously I am a car lover. Since I came here I was and still amazed by those car in US. Creativity is the part that captured my attention most. Their car is being modified until the level that you will never see in Malaysia. 





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My University

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I am kinda proud of my university. Maybe it is incomparable to Harvard or MIT, but it has one of the best business school around. Their Journalism Department is ranked no. 5 in United States. This is a huge school with about 30000+ undergrads and still growing.

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Malaysia, My Home

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It will be ridiculous that this website can de published without mentioning my country Malaysia. To me, this is a good place to stay. Although media always portray Malaysia is an undeveloped and full with terrorist, but my advise to them is to polish up their general knowledge before publishing their article.