Gary Shank

Privateer of the Semiotic Seas!

If you don't know me, I am an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at Duquesne University in delightful Pittsburgh, PA.

I teach Qualitative Research Methods, but as my header indicates, I am also a Semiotician.

I think we need to pay more attention to philosophy, and I especially admire the work of C.S.Peirce.

As the skull indicates, I am a Grateful Dead fan.

Here is a personal essay about my recent trip to the abbey of Gesthemani.

I am also a closet Medievalist.

Some of my articles online include:

Abductive Multiloguing.

Using Qualitative Research.

Semiotics and Qualitative Research at the Crossroads.

Hanging Out in the Civitas Signae: An HTMLodrama in 3 Acts and 47 URLs.

And finally, here is a paper I did with Don Cunningham on:

Peirce's Ten Classes of Signs and Empirical Inquiry in Education.

Those of you who use a Mac and who would like to download a copy of my Abductive Reasoning Tool, a Hypercard program designed to foster certain types of abductive thinking, can find a freeware copy here.

If you are interested in what I look like, click here. I am the dude in the black shirt in the back, and my brothers and I are helping my Mom celebrate her 80th birthday. Just to set the scale, I am six feet tall!

One of the most interesting subterranean semiotic sites on the Web has been set up by my old dear friend Steve Scheer. I give it two thumbs way up! You can go there directly by clicking here.

You can see a copy of the 1999 Semiotic Society of America Annual Meeting Program here.

Because of my recent work with the WWW, I have been awarded the honorary title of Master Practitioner, National Transferable Academic Protocols.

Feel free to drop me an email note.....


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